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wishlist! [22 Feb 2012|12:21pm]
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He's sooooooo sleeeeeepy! [06 Jul 2011|09:40pm]

This is right after freaking out (out of nowhere), running laps around the apartment at top speed, intentionally spilling his water bowl, grabbing a sock, then running a few more laps at top speed. After all that he just suddenly flopped on his back and started snoring. He totally stinks and needs a bath, but look at him! I just can't bring myself to wake him up!
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Short Round!!! [24 Apr 2011|10:43pm]

I got my Corgi! His name's Short Round and he's 8 1/2 weeks old! I loooove him!!! Also, he likes to drive.
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Hahaha what the fuck? [06 Jul 2010|07:39pm]
I got the package from my egl community craft swap partner today. Remember what I sent her? Here are pics in this post:

She had said in the messages we were sending back and forth before starting that she was pretty good at turning stuffed animals into purses and making alice bows, and was planning to make me "a bag, two or three alice bows, and a few bracelets," which is why I figured I should send her a larger item rather than JUST jewelry and went with a faux fur stole. Faux fur is expensive!!

Let me also mention I got a message from her last week saying that she got mine and liked everything, and that the one she sent me had been returned to her because she wrote the wrong address and that she would be mailing it again with the correct address the next day.

So here's what she sent me.
Now, I get that not everyone is going to have the same skill level, but this stuff is just lazy as fuck. I also know my stuff wasn't perfect, but come on?! I would be embarrased sending out what she did, and even more so if I knew what the other person gave me! I'd be like oh shit and put a little more time into making something better! Also, it was all thrown haphazardly into a plastic bag, allowing it to arrive all tangled and chipped.

Here are some detail shots of these gems:
Note how one side of the bow is a loop and the other is just two seperate ends of the rectangle, I guess. It's a stretchy t-shirty material and the edges are cut jagged and not finished in any way.

The ribbon just sort of ends into a weird thin string that's tied into the apple. The ribbon is also very worn with various holes throughout it that the camera couldn't pick up, and the necklace has no closure (I guess I'm supposed to tie it around my neck?).

I wouldn't be bothered by this except that I wouldn't have sent so much if she hadn't told me she was sending so much. I feel kind of duped.

1. Don't make clay charms if you don't work well with clay. I guess that lumpy thing is an ice cream cone? And the Mickey is all crumbley at the hole where the string attaches like it broke and she just smushed it back together without smoothing the clay out at all.

2. I have relatively small wrists and hands, but dammmmnnn those bracelets are TINY! They look like they would be meant for a child. Trying to save money on beads? Trying to save money on CHEAP PLASTIC beads?? Here, let me go buy you some more of the faux fur you mentioned liking.

3. The bows... I just... wtf.

It kind of seems like she just didn't have the money to go buy actual supplies so she used some random crap she already had lying around?

I mean, like I said, I realize everyone has different skill levels so I don't complain about what I get out of stuff like this even if I can't use it, but this one just pissed me off. Mainly because she said she'd be sending things that effected what I sent her, and also because the time spent looks non existant, and the materials look old and worn out. I almost wish there was some sort of way to leave feedback for this sort of exchange. I mean, WOW. I wish the pictures did a better job of showing how poorly made this stuff looks.
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EGL community craft swap! [20 Jun 2010|02:00pm]
I just wanted to post about what I made my swap partner, I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to send it to her and hear what she thinks!

First, she said she was into faux fur, so I made this:

It's lined with Cinderella fabric!

She said she likes stars, so I made this necklace (I used the poupee girl Xmas ornament headband as a reference for the star shape):

This is pretty simple, but I like it and it seems like her style:

Cinderella Coach necklace in blue:

And my favorite, she mentioned randomly that she like squids, lol:

I also made a yellow rose hair corsage and a ballerina slipper ring, but no pics of those. I'm really happy with how the faux fur stole turned out, so I added a white one and a brown version with a peter pan lining to my etsy!

All in all I had fun, I can't wait to see what she made for me!
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Craft Post! [02 Jun 2010|12:09pm]
I started experimenting with making charms out of plastic. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and it's giving me a lot more range on my etsy shop!

So far the only completed necklace up on etsy is this unicorn:

Next up is Cinderella's Coach!
It's going to be a necklace, but I think it'd make a pretty cute brooch too, what do you think?
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THAT'S RIGHT! [27 Dec 2008|07:24pm]
I got a working old timey phone for Christmas!
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Today... [11 Jul 2008|07:17pm]
I gave a puppy a shot!!!! (for the first time!!!!) 8-0
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[04 Jan 2004|02:44pm]
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